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National Safety Week Celebration

National Safety Week is observed in India every year from March 4th to March 10th to raise awareness about the importance of safety in the workplace and in daily life.

The theme of National Safety Week changes every year, with a focus on different aspects of safety. The theme for 2021 was "Sadak Suraksha" or "Road Safety", highlighting the need for safe driving practices and reducing the number of road accidents in India.

During National Safety Week, various activities and events are organized to promote safety awareness, including safety training sessions, safety drills, and safety exhibitions. These activities are aimed at educating people about the importance of safety and encouraging them to adopt safe practices in their daily lives.

Overall, National Safety Week is an important initiative to promote safety awareness and encourage people to adopt safe practices in their daily lives. By working together to prioritize safety, we can help prevent accidents and ensure that everyone can live and work in a safe environment.




Our Aim - Zero Harm


Nurture young minds - Develop Safety Culture


Sadak Suraksha


Enhance Safety - Reduce Accidents


Cultivate and Sustain Culture for building Nation


Keep Each Other Safe


Ensure Safe and Healthy Working Environment


Make Safety a Way of Life


Strengthen Safety Movement to Achieve Zero Harm

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